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Build websites even faster with components on top of Tailwind CSS

Start developing with an open-source library of over 400+ web components and interactive elements built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS


Solid foundation for any project

"FlowBite provides a robust set of design tokens and components based on the popular Tailwind CSS framework. From the most used UI components like forms and navigation bars to the whole app screens designed both for desktop and mobile, this UI kit provides a solid foundation for any project.

Designing with Figma components that can be easily translated to the utility classes of Tailwind CSS is a huge timesaver!"

Eugene Fedorenko
Eugene FedorenkoLead designer at Wildbit
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Take your web design and development flow to the next level

Learn more about the Pro version of Flowbite which includes a Figma design system based on the utility classes from Tailwind CSS and hundreds of coded pages and components including application UI, marketing UI, and e-commerce layouts.

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